What To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Lawyer

While filing for bankruptcy, whether it’s Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, can be overwhelming and confusing, your bankruptcy lawyer should be able to provide you with support and advice to make the process a smooth and stress-free experience. Your bankruptcy lawyer should understand the full extent of filing for bankruptcy and be able to talk you through the process and how it pertains to your particular situation. They should also handle any paperwork that is required and represent you at any hearings.

Ultimately, filing for bankruptcy can be a great way to relieve the pressure of burdensome debt and provide you with a fresh start. When searching for a bankruptcy lawyer, here are a few things that you should expect from them throughout the bankruptcy filing process.

Competent Skills

Your bankruptcy lawyer should be well versed in the skills required to handle your case, including knowledge of the relevant filing process and requirements. Bankruptcy filings can vary widely in difficulty depending on the facts of your case, the type of bankruptcy you are filing for (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13), and a variety of personal factors such as whether you are a business owner or if you have any property that will be sold.

You may want to consider asking whether a lawyer has experience representing clients in similar cases in the past so you can gauge their abilities and background for your particular situation. While each case is unique, it can be helpful to work with a lawyer that has experience with similar situations.

Reasonable Legal Advice

In addition to the specific services outlined in your retainer with your attorney, it is also their job to provide sound legal advice throughout the entire process. This should start from your first important decision regarding your bankruptcy which is whether to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, or whether filing for bankruptcy is the right decision at all!

Throughout the bankruptcy process, you can expect your attorney to address any questions or concerns you may have with reasonable, accurate, and prompt legal advice. They should also identify any risks or roadblocks in your case as early as possible so you can work together to mitigate them.

Preparation and Filing

In addition to legal advice, your bankruptcy lawyer should handle the lengthy and detailed paperwork that is required to file for bankruptcy. Most bankruptcy lawyers have special software which makes it easy to prepare and file all the necessary paperwork with the court.

In order to prepare and file your paperwork, you will need to provide your lawyer with your financial and other personal information. Your lawyer should review the completed forms with you before filing to make sure everything is accurate.

It is important that your bankruptcy lawyer is aware of all of the local filing procedures as missing a filing deadline can have severe impacts on your case including delays or dismissal.


As a part of your bankruptcy filing, you will be required to attend at least one mandatory hearing, but you may have additional hearings depending on the details of your case. Your bankruptcy lawyer should represent you at any and all hearings, including Chapter 13 confirmation hearings, Chapter 7 reaffirmation hearings, and any motions or objects filed for the case. In a majority of bankruptcy filings, your lawyer should be able to provide you with an idea of what types of hearings will be involved in your case.

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